Our Students

"I'm a retired “gringo” living in Manta.Surpacifico was a great choice. My profesora is everything I wanted in a Spanish teacher. Her knowledge of the language is superb and her English is very good. She is great at explaining the nuances of the language and helping with the correct pronunciation. She showed me the proposed syllabus. We agreed it was a good approach y la experiencia ha sido todo lo que quería."

Survival ‘retirement’ Spanish Program

This is a special program for retired people, who live in Manta. This program consists of 10 hours classes per week, private or group classes. The private classes are for those who want personal attention and a personalized class. Group classes are kept small, between 2 and 4 students, to make sure that everyone gets enough attention.

We work with flexible schedules, according to your needs, so that you have enough time left to enjoy your leisure time.

During these classes the focus will be on the basics of the Spanish language, speaking, writing and listening. It makes you able to communicate with locals and manage yourself in daily life, so that you can optimal enjoy your retirement in Manta.