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Una semana en la selva

A few months ago, I signed up for the travelling classroom including the new option of a week in the jungle. I thought it was going to be good, but I couldn´t imagine it would be this good. First of all, the cabañas are beautiful : they are brand new, made out of organic wood and you basically sleep outside because the biggest part of the walls are made of netting. There are barrely other tourists, what really gives you the feeling of ´being away´. The classes are good and the excursions, which take place after class, are just amazing. In only one week I have made two trekkings through the jungle, I have seen an animal rescue center, I learned how to use Quichea weapons and got to know their traditions, I went intertubing and jumped out of a huge tree into River Napo. It was probably the best week of my life and that is why I´m going back to the jungle for a month! I highly recommend this to every other student who would like to be ´away´ for once and who appreciates nature. No doubt that you will have the time of your life as well!

Merel Luijendijk

Nicole Maddox:

"I loved my time here. I had a very enriching learning experience at the hospital. Everyone wanted to make sure I was comfortable and they taught me a lot of things..."

"My sisters and I spent 4 weeks at the Academia de Espanol Surpacifico, in Ecuador. It was a lovely experience! The teachers were wonderful: well-prepared, organized, and patient. The school provided good host families for all of the students and had many fun activities. The director, Manuel, is kind and caring and takes a real interest in providing for all the students."

- Marin Tollefson

"I spent two weeks at surpacifico and i would highly recomment it. Our teaching was very good and at a good pace! Everyone here is really friendly and will help you with anything and there are lots of extra activities organised so you can get the most out of your stay ? I really enjoyed the salsa! The apartment has everything you need and manta provides everything else to keep you busy! Thank you to everyone at surpacifico."

Traveling Classroom Program (learn Spanish and explore Ecuador)

Traveling Classroom Program

The Traveling Classroom Program is a great way to learn Spanish and explore Ecuador.
The Traveling Classroom is a 4 weeks program, which combines 4different locations in Ecuador across whole Ecuador. You can start this program every Monday.

Quito City Tours - Ecuador


In the first week you are going to Quito. Quito is the first cultural heritage site of the world and the capital of Ecuador, it is located about 15 miles (25 km) south of the equator. In this week there are amongst other things, activities like a tour to the Middle of the World (Mitad del Mundo), a biking trip to the spectacular Cotopaxi National Park, the highest active volcano in the world and a ride in the ‘Teleferico’ cable car, where you have a stunning view over Quito.

Cuenca City Tours - Ecuador


In the second week you can choose between Cuenca andThe Amazon. Cuenca is the UNESCO old historical colonial city of Ecuador. In Cuenca you can visit the breath taking Ingapirca Ruins or enjoy the architectural and natural wonders in the streets, squares, buildings and parks.

Amazon Jungle Tours - Ecuador

The Amazon

You can also choose for The Amazon as destination in the second week. The Amazon jungle is the largest jungle in the world, with more diverse plants and animals than any other jungle. This week is a real adventure! There are activities such as hiking, rafting and a visit to the indigenous communities.

Manta City Tours - Ecuador


The third week takes place in Manta. Manta is a charming city on the Pacific Ocean and is famous for its amazing beaches, and has become the best and affordable destination for surfing, kite surfing and diving. In this week you are going to Paraglide, visit a school where they make the famous ‘Panama hats’ and you visit the wonderful Isla de la Plata, which is known as the ‘little Galapagos’.

Montañita Tours - Ecuador


The last week you spent in the surf paradise Montañita. It is a popular destination under both national and international tourists. Here you can enjoy surfing classes, an Ecuadorian cooking class and the best cocktails of Ecuador.

Traveling Classroom Ecuador - Sur Pacifico Spanish School